Miami Dolphins

General Manager: @PFF_Zerodev
Assistant GM: @APRBob
Assistant GM: @BshouseJr


1.08 (8) Cam Newton, QB – Auburn
1.25 (25) Mark Ingram, RB – Alabama
2.29 (61) Marcus Cannon, OT/OG – TCU
3.22 (86) Edmond Gates, WR – Abilene Christian
5.16 (147) Virgil Green, TE – Nevada
6.01 (166) Johnny White, RB – UNC
7.07 (210) Andrew Jackson, OG – Fresno State
7.32 (235) (Compensatory) Mario Harvey, LB – Marshall


Traded #111, #179, and their 2012 first and second round picks to Tennessee for #8
Traded #15 and #146 to Seattle for #25 and #57
Traded #57 to Atlanta for #59 and #210
Traded #59 to San Diego for #61 and their 2012 fourth round pick
Traded #79 and #217 to Baltimore for #90, #123 and their 2012 fourth round pick
Traded #90 and #123 to Dallas for #86 and #143
Traded #143 and #218 to Carolina for #147 and #166


Sigmund Bloom: B+

The trade up for Newton was a huge win, but I can’t gush too much about it, because it was completely unrealistic. Likewise on the trade down with Seattle, which seems to make little sense for the Seahawks. Don’t like the Cannon pick, a massive finesse guy (he gets in the way and is hard to move, but is no drive blocker – I wish him a speedy recovery from lymphoma) who does little to plug the hole at center or right guard. Love the addition of Gates speed to the WR corps (worth the trade up for sure), Green as a quality two-way TE, and White as a hard-nosed backup RB. Jackson is likely just quality depth and also doesn’t plug any holes on the O-line. Overall, lots of flash at the offensive skill positions, but missing the immediate and long-term offensive line help and developmental pick on the defensive line necessary to be a full success. Miami did possibly the best job of taking advantage of the loose trading and widely varying ideas about pick value.


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