New England Patriots

General Manager: @PFF_Akshay
Assistant GM: @RumfordJohnny
Assistant GM: @Redsoxnation88


1.12 (12) Aldon Smith, DE/OLB – Missouri
1.16 (16) J.J. Watt, DE – Wisconsin
1.17 (17) Tyron Smith, OT – USC
3.11 (75) Greg Little, WR – UNC
6.28 (193) Lawrence Guy, DT – Arizona State


Traded #28, #60, and #125 to Minnesota for #10.
Traded #33, #74, and a 2012 third round pick to Jacksonville for #16.
Detroit trades pick #75 to New England for #92 and #159


Sigmund Bloom: B-

While I appreciate the creative use of the Patriots plethora of picks to focus on top notch players at arguably their three largest needs, this draft just doesn’t fit their modus operandi. The Patriots always seem to value players with certain qualities higher than most teams and they take advantage of this by constantly trading back to acquire more picks while still getting “their guy” at the later pick. With three of the first 33 picks, I just don’t see them trading away the chance to get a future first (or two) for good, but not exceptional talents like the Smiths and Watt. It’s more believable to have them deal up for a truly singular talent like Von Miller or AJ Green in my opinion. I do love Greg Little as a potential future stud, although he doesn’t take the top off the defense, which is what this offense needs. Guy is a nice fit for the defense. I’m a bit disappointed that the Pats didn’t decide to pick up a running back from this deep class – the team has carried up to five in the past and I think they’ll find a handful in this group that can at least be good role players. I can appreciate having a vision and following through, but this just doesn’t feel like a Patriots draft.


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  6. @PFF_Akshay says:

    In this draft, the Patriots were going for quality over quantity, and while we did definitely give up some picks, we firmly believe the players and value acquired more than make up for that. Our biggest needs were DL, OLB and OL, and all were hit right away with guys who were ranked top 10 on our big boards. We consider Aldon Smith the best value at 3-4 OLB for this draft, which is what the Patriots most desperately needed; Von Miller is a bit undersized for our scheme, and the price we would have had to pay for him would have been too much for our needs. Robert Quinn was an option, but we felt Smith was better value with less red flags. Smith has a great frame and a huge wingspan, which is something the Pats value, and also has edge-setting upside. JJ Watt was easily top 10 on our big board, and he’s right at home as an immediate impact contributor as a DE in a 3-4 scheme. With questions regarding Matt Light, we chose Tyron Smith at 17. He’s being mocked consistently in the top 10, and seems best suited for a ZBS, which the Patriots run. He’s athletic and handles speed guys (like Freeney) better than any other OT in this class. We feel with time, he can develop into an elite LT, and in the interim, Vollmer is more than capable of handling LT if need be. Greg Little in the 3rd round was a no brainer for us; we had him pegged as a 2nd tier WR behind Green and Jones, and since Welker/Branch aren’t getting any younger, a receiving corps down the line of Hernandez, Gronkowski, Tate, Price, Edelman and Little could be huge. Little runs extremely well after the catch, which is something the Pats really value in their WRs. Lastly, we took Lawrence Guy, a huge steal at pick 193. We feel with another year of seasoning, he could have been a top 40 or 50 pick in 2012. He’s scheme versatile, has major upside, and can definitely be a rotational guy as he’s broken in and a starter down the line. Overall, we’re very happy with this draft.

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