New York Jets

General Manager: @cippinonsports
Assistant GM: @subzero2401
Assistant GM: @Wesley_Sykes


1.30 (30) Muhammad Wilkerson, DT – Temple
4.05 (102) Jaiquan Jarrett, S – Temple
4.29 (126) Jeremy Beal, DE/OLB – Oklahoma
5.30 (161) Dwayne Harris, WR – East Carolina
6.03 (168) Chris Hairston, OT – Clemson
6.29 (194) Brandon Hogan, CB – West Virginia
7.05 (208) Chris Neild, DT – West Virginia


Traded #94 to Cleveland for #102 and #168


Sigmund Bloom: A-

I can’t really argue with Wilkerson in the first. Phil Taylor would have also been a fine pick, but addressing the defensive line is a good intersection of need and value in this draft class. Trade down to get an extra pick also makes a lot of sense, and Jarrett is a quality fit for Ryan’s defense. At one time, Beal in the fourth would seem like a huge steal, but now he’s just a meh pick who will provide depth but no boost to the future pass rush – still, it’s not like there were upside pass rushers left at that point in the draft. Hogan, on the other hand, could be one of the steals of the draft if the Jets can keep him on the straight and narrow, and he addresses another potential position of massive need, assuming Cromartie walks in free agency. I especially like bringing in Hogan’s college teammate and captain Chris Neild to help his transition to the pros off the field and give the team another grinder in the DL rotation in one fell swoop. Hairston is nice swing tackle prospect with starter upside who is a fine use of the extra pick. Harris is yet another nice fit with his hard-nosed style and kick return game. He would soften the blow of losing Brad Smith and possibly get into three-wide sets pretty quickly. Excellent job of nailing Jets kind of players and Ryan’s likely fixation on taking mostly defensive talent.


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