Baltimore Ravens

General Manager: @ihatejjredick
Assistant GM: @BMoreBirdsNest
Assistant GM: @NealDriscoll


1.26 (26) – Derek Sherrod, OT – Miss St.
2.26 (58) – Torrey Smith, WR – Maryland
3.15 (79) – Quan Sturdivant, LB – North Carolina
5.33 (164) – Chimdi Chekwa, CB – Ohio State
5.34 (165) – DeMarcus Van Dyke, CB – Miami (FL)
6.26 (191) – Stevan Ridley, RB – LSU
7.14 (217) – Eric Hagg, FS – Nebraska


Traded #90, #123, and their 2012 fourth round pick to Miami for #79 and #217


Sigmund Bloom: B

Love the first three picks. Sherrod gets Oher back on the right where he belongs. Smith is a steal in the late second and the team needs exactly what he brings to the table in the WR corps – deep speed. Sturdivant is a rangy LB who can be groomed to replace Ray Lewis. However, I have to ask was it really worth two fourths to move up 11 spots to take Sturdivant? Brutal. Interesting strategy to address CB with two speedsters who ooze upside and risk back-to-back with comp picks in the late 5th. Ridley is a bruiser who can push Jalen Parmele if LeRon McClain leaves in free agency. I don’t think Hagg is a great fit, lacking violence in his game, and I would have preferred a QB to develop as Bulger is likely gone. I do like the class, but the team got gouged in the move-up for Sturdivant.


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