Cincinnati Bengals

General Manager: @joegoodberry
Assistant GM: @footballPhDs
Assistant GM: @Davey_Hamilton

Bengals - AJ Green

1.4 (4) A.J. Green, WR – Georgia
2.28 (60) Bruce Carter, LB – UNC
3.2 (66) Ryan Williams, RB – Virginia Tech
4.04 (101) Ricky Stanzi, QB – Iowa
4.9 (106) Quinton Carter, S – Oklahoma
4.28 (125) Demarcus Love, OT/OG – Arkansas
5.03 (134) Rick Elmore, DE – Arizona
5.22 (153) Niles Paul, WR – Nebraska
7.43 (246) Rich Lapham, OT – Boston College


Traded #35 to Minnesota for #60, #106, and #125
Traded #167 and #207 to Jacksonville for #153


Sigmund Bloom: B

The Bengals might have gotten the best player in the draft at #4. Well done. That being said, the Cincy faithful would be sad if both Newton and Gabbert were passed on, and Green does need someone to throw the ball to him. I guess if Cincinnati doesn’t like Dalton or Kaepernick, the trade down is not bad, but that’s a big drop on your board for only a couple of fourths. Remember a team is probably taking a player they have graded in the first when they are on the board at 35, rarely that possibility at 60. You’re giving up a chance to get an instant impact starter to get more quality depth. Don’t like it, although maybe it’s moot because I think Bruce Carter could be a steal at 60 and Ryan Williams would have been reasonable at 35 – got him in the third. Stanzi could help at QB – in two or three years. I like Quinton Carter and think he could start right away for this team. Paul was also a good pick as a tough speed guy to push Caldwell and Simpson opposite Green with Shipley in the slot. Really like the first four picks, but could be all for naught until the team gets a QB in place.


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    follow me at aprbob — Miami in mock 3
    looking to work on deal to move up –

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