Cleveland Browns

General Manager: @AaronAloysius
Assistant GM: @FtblSickness
Assistant GM: @BrendanLeister


1.06 (6) Robert Quinn, DE – UNC
2.05 (36) Phil Taylor, DT – Baylor
3.13 (77) Kelvin Sheppard, LB – LSU
3.30 (94) Taiwan Jones, RB/WR – Eastern Washington
4.22 (119) Greg Salas, WR – Hawaii
6.05 (170) Justin Rogers, CB – Richmond
7.45 (248) Derek Hall, OT – Stanford


Traded #70 and #137 to Indianapolis for #77 and #119
Traded #102 and #168 for #94.


Sigmund Bloom: C-

Quinn works at #6 as a 4-3 DE, even with the risk his benign brain tumor presents, but Taylor is a real head scratcher with the team moving to a 4-3. Sheppard is an interesting third rounder with the range to play all three downs in the middle but a long way to go instincts-wise. Taiwan Jones seems to be a very odd pick to me with RB arguably the strength of the offense. Salas helps as a crafty wideout who can do a lot of the things Jordan Shipley did for Colt McCoy back at Texas. I do like the late pick of Hall to develop as a quality mean RT. With all the crazy trading going on and Cleveland needing help all over the front seven of their defense in a transition to a new scheme, I would have expected a clear plan to move down and get more picks, just like the two deals that happened right in front of them in the early second. 


8 Responses to Cleveland Browns

  1. San Fran says:

    Hey Cleveland – follow me on my twitter for this Mock – @aprbob

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  5. Chris says:

    How do I get involved in this? I’m a huge Browns fan, huge draft nut, and very interested in contributing. I’ve published mocks before, went to the Sloan MIT sports analytics conference this year (if you don’t know, google it), and have a ton of interest in helping out.

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