Pittsburgh Steelers

General Manager: @andrewmiley
Assistant Manager: @thesteelersnat
Assistant Manager: @ShanePHallam


1.31 (31) Nate Solder, OT – Colorado
2.31 (63) Davon House, CB – NMSU
3.31 (95) Terrell McClain, DT – South Florida
4.31 (128) Chykie Brown, CB – Texas
5.02 (133) Stephen Schilling, OG – Michigan


Traded #163 and #196 to Buffalo for #133


Sigmund Bloom: D

Steelers diehard here, so forgive me for being hypercritical. With the best 3-4 nose (Taylor) and a quintessential Steelers type 3-4 DE (Heyward) still on the board at 31, I would be miffed if the team decided to take a finesse OT instead. Nimble pass blocking from the OTs isn’t that necessary as the last few years have shown. House works as a second rounder, certainly high upside physically and the Steelers got a ton out of raw athlete Ike Taylor after Tomlin showed up. Don’t like McClain or Brown as fits in the Steelers defense – they don’t play angry and McClain in particular doesn’t work anywhere on the DL. Trading up for Schilling to play right guard is interesting – high floor, lunch pail guy. Strangely, my favorite pick is the kicker in the 7th, who could also punt and save the team a roster spot.


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