Houston Texans

General Manager: @JakeBRB
Assistant GM: @BigRon28
Assistant GM: @HoustonDiehards


1.11 (11) Cameron Jordan, DE – Cal
2.20 (52) Kenrick Ellis, DT – Hampton
3.09 (73) Jerrel Jernigan, WR – Troy
3.19 (83) Chris Carter, OLB – Fresno State
5.07 (138) Chris Culliver, FS – South Carolina
6.13 (178) Shareece Wright, CB – USC
7.51 (254) Graig Cooper, RB/KR – MIA (FL)


Houston trades #42, #105, and #214 to New York Giants for #52 and #83.


Sigmund Bloom: D

I like Cameron Jordan as a player, but he doesn’t really address the pass rush issue like Aldon Smith would have and I would consider this a bit of a miscue by the Texans. Ellis is a fast riser and a solid pick in the second as one of the few 3-4 NTs with upside – would have been reasonable at 42 even. If it was me, would have gone with Dowling, who I think is first-round quality, and a more glaring immediate need than NT. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Texans would throw an extra pick in that trade.  That 7th could easily be another corner for them to try to develop. Not a fan of Jernigan and I think there will be similar guys on the board late – although I like the idea of a speedy slot receiver/returner for this team. Still, that pick had to be a corner after the team didn’t land one in the first two rounds. Carter is underrated and if he hits, would make up for not getting an elite pass rusher in the first. Culliver is a wasted pick for this team, Quin is their future FS and I don’t see Culliver translating at CB. Wright is a good physical corner, but he’s not even a band aid for the issues in the secondary. Cooper is a wasted pick, this team has four viable RBs, if anything they need to trade one. Carter can salvage this class and both Jordan and Ellis will be long term contributors, but this looks like a draft that will lead to more frustrating mediocrity for this franchise.


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