Indianapolis Colts

General Manager: @JaredCounterman
Assistant GM: @Tomwghagger
Assistant GM: @GTPJay


2.07 (39) Rodney Hudson, OG/C – Florida State
3.06 (70) Jason Pinkston, OT – Pittsburgh
3.23 (87) Mark Herzlich, LB – Boston College
4.12 (109) Sione Fua, DT – Stanford
5.06 (137) Jacquizz Rodgers, RB  – Oregon State
5.21 (152) Kendric Burney, CB – UNC
6.21 (186) Jeff Maehl, WR – Oregon
6.24 (189) Vai Taua, RB – Nevada


Traded #22, #53 and their 2012 sixth round pick to Tennessee for #39, #77, #109 and #111
Traded #77 and #119 to Cleveland for #70 and #137
Traded #11 to Denver for #186, #189 and their 2012 sixth round pick


Sigmund Bloom: F

The trades made by this team were just bizarre. You don’t trade out of the first and second just to get extra fourth round picks (and then deal one of those fourths for three sixth round picks). I have to say I like Hudson, but to leave Solder and Sherrod just sitting there with this team’s issues at OT would be a cardinal sin. Pinkston will help in time, but he is a middling prospect and the trade-up for him was unnecessary. Herzlich was a reach and he’s not even a good fit in this defense. Fua will help the run defense and I think Rodgers was a steal in the 5th, although his addition makes Taua superfluous. Burney and Maehl were both inspired picks and they are terrific fits for the way the Colts play football. A nice third day, but completely undermined their draft by giving away the farm in the first round trade.


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