Jacksonville Jaguars

General Manager: @CaliforniaJag
Assistant GM: @The_Jaggernaut
Assistant GM: @JustinWendel904


1.24 (24) Jake Locker, QB – Washington
2.17 (49) Ben Ijalana, OT/OG – Villanova
3.10 (74) Curtis Brown, CB – Texas
3.29 (93) Nate Irving, LB – NC State
4.17 (114) Tyler Sash, S – Iowa
4.30 (127)  Austin Pettis, WR – Boise State
6.02 (167) Korey Lindsey-Woods, CB – Southern Illinois
7.04 (207) Joe Lefeged, S – Rutgers
7.16 (219) Akeem Dent, LB – Georgia
7.24 (227) Lester Jean, WR – Florida Atlantic


Traded #16 to New England for #33, #72, and 2012 3rd-round pick
Traded #33, #121 and #182 to New Orleans for #24 and #226
Traded #80, #147, and #226 to Carolina for #98, #120, and #132
Traded #98 and #120 to Chicago for #93 and #127
Traded #132 to Oakland for #148 and #219
Traded #148 to Philadelphia for #153 and #227


Sigmund Bloom: C-

The number of trades here are mind-boggling. First of all, I don’t think the Jags pass on Jake Locker at 16 if they are willing to trade up to 24 to get him. They further risk missing on him by trading all the way down to 33 instead of a drop into the late first to begin with. Second of all, I refuse to believe that a team would trade down three consecutive times just to get extra seventh round picks. At some point between 128 and 153 you have a clear top player on your board emerge. I will say, after that, the Jags GM crew did a decent job of getting good fits at positions of need, with the exception of Ijalana – who is a riser as a possible top-end LT in time – but the Jags need help inside on the OL.  Brown, Pettis, and Irving could all start for this team with the holes at their positions – Dent, too. Where’s the outside pass rush help coming off of Kampman’s injury? Locker gives the faithful hope and there could be some instant contributors, but this draft is tainted by the odd trades like many of the others in this division.


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