Tennessee Titans

General Manager: @AllPurposeRoto
Assistant GM: @J_Stanley614
Assistant GM: @Cbus2Cincy614


1.22 (22) Christian Ponder, QB – FSU
2.21 (53) Christian Ballard, DT – Iowa
4.33 (130) Dane Sanzenbacher, WR – Ohio State
5.11 (142) Ross Homan, LB – Ohio State
6.10 (175) Zach Hurd, OG – Connecticut
6.14 (179) Martin Parker, DT – Richmond
7.09 (212) Mario Fannin, RB/WR – Auburn
7.48 (251) Marc Schiechl, DE – Colorado school of Mines


Traded #8 to Miami for #111, #179, and their 2012 first and second round picks.
Traded  #39, #77, #109 and #111 to Indianapolis for #22, #53 and their 2012 sixth round pick


Sigmund Bloom: D

Another team that non-chalantly traded out of a first-round pick for a laughably low price. Trading a top 10 pick away for no pick higher than a fourth in the current season is absurd. That is a recipe for Mike Munchak to get fired after one year as the team gives away their best chance for an immediate impact player for future picks of questionable value. They pulled a fast one on Indy to get back in the first while still staying in the second , but the damage was done. Ponder helps, but without the addition of an impact interior offensive lineman to help Chris Johnson get back on track, this team will be back in the top ten again next year (and they better hope Cam Newton doesn’t jumpstart Miami). I would have preferred that OL in the second instead of Ballard, but I will admit that Ballard is exactly the kind of guy Tennessee likes to overdraft. Sanzenbacher feels like a bit of reach, although his teammate Homan was a savvy pick to hedge against the loss of Tulloch and compete with Rennie Curran. None of late picks stand out to me except for Fannin, who could be an interesting addition as a playmaking fullback. Give me the gift of Cam Newton at #8 and Rodney Hudson at #39 (who immediately shores up the interior OL and fits well) and I would say this team has an outside shot of turnaround a la 2006, but this draft fell far short of that. Good thing they have an extra first next year.


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