Denver Broncos

General Manager: @EmPuLSe
Assistant GM: @ericdickens
Assistant GM: @JavertF5


1.10 (10) Nick Fairley, DT – Auburn
2.9 (41) Aaron Williams, S – Texas
2.14 (46) Jabaal Sheard, DE – Pittsburgh
2.18 (50) Stephen Paea, DT – Oregon State
3.3 (67) Dontay Moch, OLB – Nevada
4.14 (111) DJ Williams, TE – Arkansas
5.24 (155) Delone Carter, RB – Syracuse
7.44 (247) Chris Rucker, CB – Michigan State


Traded #2 to San Diego for #18, #50, and #89.
Traded #18, #36, and #89 to Washington for #10, #41, and #155
Traded #186, #189 and 6th Round Pick in 2012 for #111


Sigmund Bloom: B+

Denver traded out of #2 for an absurdly large discount (at the very least you get a future first to go along with extra top 100 picks), then traded back into the top 10 at a modest discount. The final result of getting Fairley seems to justify the move, but I still take issue with the idea of trading from #2 all the way down to #18 and only getting a mid second and late third for your troubles. The #2 overall player is a once-every-three-years kind of talent at his position and the pick should be valued accordingly in trades. I’m no slave to the pick value chart, but trades should at least stay with 25% or so of its values just to keep things realistic. I will say Dareus going #1 is a possible predicate for a trade-down and re-targeting of Fairley, so well done on projecting the scenario. Paea is sorely needed and Williams could be an instant starter at CB or FS. Sheard and Moch are nice Dumervil insurance and you can never have enough pass rushers. Williams is a solid two-way starter at TE, and the tough-minded Delone Carter is just the dirty work complement they need to Moreno in the run game. I would have liked to see a potential solution at RT with Ryan Harris entering free agency. I like all the attention to the defense in transition. The initial trade of #2 gets an F for setting the bar on first round trade-downs so low, but everything after that an A.


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