Kansas City Chiefs

General Manager: @Jason_Madson
Assistant GM: @wTheFirstPick
Assistant GM: @ArrowheadPride


1.09 (9) Julio Jones, WR – Alabama
2.23 (55) Sam Acho, LB – Texas
5.04 (135) Ian Williams, DT – Notre Dame
5.09 (140) Bilal Powell, RB – Louisville
6.34 (199) (Compensatory): Bruce Miller, OLB – UCF
7.17 (220) Adam Froman, QB – Louisville
7.20 (223) Nate Bussey, LB – Illinois


Traded #21, #86, and #118 to Dallas for #9 and #221


Sigmund Bloom: C

Trade up for Julio Jones is interesting. Gave up the relatively cheap price of a 3rd and 4th, but Jones, while being a rare talent, doesn’t really put this offense over the top. Would have preferred staying at home at 21 and going offensive line. Acho is a good projection in the late second to play opposite Hali. He’s not flashy, but his try-hard high floor game should appeal to KC. Sitting out for two rounds stings a little with so much need coming up on the OL (and arguably DL), but KC did at least get one of the few 3-4 NTs and a nice backup for Jamaal Charles for the long term in the fifth. I also really like Froman in the sixth as a guy to develop behind Cassel. Miller and Bussey make sense as late special teamers and Miller could contribute as an OLB eventually. I don’t totally agree with the Jones deal, but it was a bargain. I would have been inclined to give KC a better grade if they had done anything to address the offensive line.


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