Washington Redskins

General Manager: @HogsHaven
Assistant GM: @RVAParks
Assistant GM: @myfriendsftw


1.18 (18) Anthony Castonzo, OT – BC
2.24 (56) Andy Dalton, QB – TCU
3.24 (88) Kris O’Dowd, C – USC
3.25 (89) Jerrell Powe, NT – Ole Miss
5.13 (144) Terrance Toliver, WR – LSU
6.12 (177) Ugo Chinasa, LB/DE – Oklahoma State
7.10 (213) Dion Lewis, RB – Pittsburgh
7.21 (224)  Anthony Gaitor, CB – Florida International
7.50 (253) Charles Clay, FB – Tulsa


Traded #10, #41, and #155 overall to Denver for #18, #36, and #89.
Traded #36 to New Orleans for #56 and #88


Shane P. Hallam: C

Not a fan of the trades they made or players they took. Don’t see the value of moving up a little bit in the third rounder and didn’t pick up any extra picks. Anthony Castonzo is a solid pick in the 1st but selecting a RT doesn’t fill a huge need. They overdrafted Andy Dalton in the late 2nd round although he’ll go higher in the actual draft. He’s not a great fit in Shanahan’s system as he’s not the gun-slinger type. Kris O’Dowd is more of a 4th or 5th rounder because of his injury history. Jerrell Powe is just not a very good player drafted in the 3rd. Terrance Toliver is a fine pick but he shouldn’t contribute in year one. Ugo Chinasa is a nice fit in this system, Dion Lewis is nice value in the 7th, Anthony Gaitor and Charles Clay are both decent picks but this is a draft that lacks any immediate impact.

(transcribed from audio)


6 Responses to Washington Redskins

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  6. Parks says:

    “Don’t see the value of moving up a little bit in the third rounder and didn’t pick up any extra picks.”

    Huhh? We didn’t have a third rounder originally and ended up with two, we never moved up in the 3rd positionally.

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