Green Bay Packers

General Manager: @briancarriveau
Assistant GM: @Got_Next
Assistant GM: @zachkruse2


1.32 (32) Akeem Ayers, DE – UCLA
3.32 (96) Joseph Barksdale, OL – LSU
2.32 (64) Titus Young, WR – Boise State
4.10 (107) Luke Stocker, TE – Tennessee
4.34 (131) Cedric Thornton, DL – Southern Arkansas
6.32 (197) Nic Grigsby, RB – Arizona
7.01 (233) Greg McElroy, QB – Alabama


Traded #129, #163 and #233 to Detroit for pick #107


Shane P. Hallam: B

An ok draft, not great. Overdrafted some players. Akeem Ayers in the first is a very good pass-rusher. Could be a liability. Titus Young is a good fit but gives the Packers a nice slot receiver that could develop into a #2. Barksdale is overdrafted maybe not a starter. Luke Stocker in the 4th is a good TE that is an intriguing fit. Cedric Thornton in the 4th is definitely overdrafted. Probably not a Packers type of guy. Nic Grigsby in the 6th is more of a workout warrior, Greg McElroy is very good value. Solid draft, nothing great, nothing terrible.

(transcribed from audio)


7 Responses to Green Bay Packers

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  3. jeremiah says:

    Why ayers over reed. What was the deciding factor?

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