Minnesota Vikings

General Manager: @JoshMTD
Assistant GM: @KJSegall
Assistant GM: @MN_Cheapseats


1.28 (28) Danny Watkins, OG – Baylor
2.3 (35) Jon Baldwin, WR – Pittsburgh
2.11 (43) Rahim Moore, S – UCLA
5.08 (139) Tim Barnes, C – Missouri
5.19 (150) Rob Housler, TE – Florida Atlantic
6.07 (172) Pierre Allen, DE – Nebraska
6.35 (200) (Compensatory): Ryan Jones, CB – Northwest Missouri State
7.12 (215) Nathan Enderle, QB – Idaho
7.33(236) Kai Forbath, K – UCLA


Traded #12 overall to New England for #18, #60, and #125.
Traded #60, #106, and #125 overall to Cincinnati for #35


Shane P. Hallam: C+

Added talent but maybe not the right talent. Danny Watkins went about where will go but not the biggest need for the Vikings. Trading down probably not the best trade. Jonathan Baldwin in the 2nd is another head scratcher. Has effort concerns, don’t like the trade to get the Baldwin. Rahim Moore definitely helped their draft and is the type of safety they need. Tim Barnes is an ok pick in the 5th but fills a position of need. Rob Houser is another luxury pick when you have Shiacoe but still don’t have a QB to get him the ball. Pierre Allen in the 6th is good value but don’t know where the fit is in the system. Very much a developmental player. Ryan Jones is a solid pick for a backup CB. Nathan Enderle is a good pick but who starts at QB? Kai Forbath wasn’t a huge need either. They don’t get much help in the short term.

(transcribed from audio)


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