Carolina Panthers

General Manager: @fantasy_occhs68
Assistant GM: @dirtdogday
Assistant GM:  @sportsclt


1.1 (1) Marcell Dareus, DT – Alabama
2.22 (54) Leonard Hankerson, WR – Miami
3.16 (80) Johnny Patrick, CB – Louisville
3.33 (97) Brian Rolle, OLB – Ohio St.
5.12 (143) Jordan Cameron, TE – USC
6.38 (203) (Compensatory):
Noel Devine, RB – West Virginia
7.15 (218) Brandon Bair, DE – Oregon
7.23 (226) Josh Thomas, CB – Buffalo
7.41 (244) Craig Marshall, OLB – South Florida


Traded #65 and their 2012 third round pick to Philadelphia for #54 and #120.
Traded #147 and #166 to Miami for #143 and #218.
Traded #98, #120, and #132 to Jacksonville for #80, #147, and #226


Shane P. Hallam: B

This draft is kind of Jekyll and Hyde for me.  I like the Dareus pick at 1, he’s going to contribute from day one.  Getting Hankerson late in the second round gives them a legit target, like the move.  I love the Jhonny Patrick pick out of Louisville, I think he’s a real nice fit for this system, should develop nto a starter.  The big problem I have is the Brian Rolle pick in the third round.  I don’t know if he’s playing LB or S, I think he’s heavily overdrafted, and more of a special teams player.  I love their late round picks, I think Jordan Cameron will contribute immediately, Noel Devine however I thought was more of a wasted pick for them.  I love their 7th rounders as well great value.  Overall I like the draft, the Rolle pick is a head scratcher though.

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  2. Brad says:

    Speaking for the Panthers (@sportsclt)

    There is a lot of hype surrounding Cam Newton and him being selected first overall by the Panthers. While some of that is legitimate, at the end of the day, we felt that drafting Newton first overall was too big of a risk.

    Dareus would give the Panthers a great deal of production at an area of need, and would have less risk than Cam Newton.

  3. Dirt Dog Day says:

    Speaking for the Panthers (@dirtdogday)

    To add on to my fellow GM’s comment above, the prospect of Andrew Luck being available next year certainly was in the back of our minds. We took Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd Round last year and this will provide another year of experience for Jimmy as well as provide our new coaching staff with a full year of evaluation. We expect Jimmy in 2011 to make the next step in his development to becoming a starting QB in the NFL. Coach Rivera is a defensive oriented coach and in a division with Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman, you have to be able to keep the opposing teams out of the endzone to give your offense a chance to be successful.

  4. Gentlemen,

    Having the first overall pick is a tough position to be in. Having scouted countless prospects, the Panthers had it narrowed down to QB Cam Newton or DT Marcel Dareus. Both are special players and will make an immediate impact on any team. Although our QB situation had it’s share of problems last year, the Panthers ultimately decided to give young Jimmy Clausen another chance at proving his worth. As such, Marcell Dareus was the easy pick here. Although not a natural pass rusher, his superb strength and excellent ability to stop the run makes him a special player, and one that will lead our defense. He also has the ability to play both as a tackle or as an end in the 3-4 system. Overall, we are thrilled to have him on our team, and we are confident that in time he will become one of the most deadliest forces in the inside. He is the replacement for Julius Peppers that the Panthers desperately need, and his presence on our team will help us rebuild and attempt to make the playoffs in the coming years.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM, Carolina Panther

  5. Gentlemen,

    Having not selected a QB in the first round, the Panthers found it necessary to beef up our receiving corps, giving Jimmy Clausen some viable targets to throw too. With the uncertainity of Steve Smith’s return, the Panthers decided to go with a tall, strong, and sure handed receiver in Leoonard Hankerson. Getting him near the end of the second thrilled us, as we thought he would have been snatched up earlier on in the round. We were really impressed with his long reach, as the film we viewed showed him capable of making practically any catch thrown his way. He isn’t great at creating separation, but with his strength and catching ability, Hankerson has the ability to become an elite possession receiver in this game. Along with emerging youngsters David Gettis and Brandon Lafell, the Panthers now have a receiving corps full of potential. We need Hankerson to step up and become a starter on day one, which will surely help our team improve in what was our weakest part of our game last year.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM Carolina Panthers

  6. Gentlemen,

    Originally we wanted to trade up to draft Curtis Marsh, are only remaining prospect with a second round grade. Unfortunately, the 49ers got to him first, leaving us with a difficult decision to make on who to draft at the 80th spot. In the end, we decided to go with our next CB on the Board, Louisville prospect Johnny Patrick. A tall, excellent athlete, Johnny is quick at identifying routes and closing in on receivers. He is also a strong tackler, and is not afraid to power his way through traffic and wrap up receivers. We fully expect him to compete for a starting job, but was added here as a way of strengthening our secondary. Will need to show growth in his ability to cover the deep game, however, in due time, we believe Johnny can become a solid CB at the next level. We look forward to working with him this off-season.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM, Carolina Panthers

  7. Gentlemen,

    With the likelihood of James Anderson leaving our team via free agency, the Panthers decided to go with Ohio State Buckeyes standout OLB Brian Rolle. Although undersized, his tenacity and ability to close in on the football made us a fan of his. He also is solid in pass coverage, often being physical off the line while remaining fluid once he steps back into coverage. His size has other teams worried, however the Panthers draft their prospects based on talent and not physical stature. He was the last remaining OLB with a 3rd round grade on our board, and thus an easy selection for us. We expect him to contribute immediately on special teams, and potentially compete for a starting gig. He still has much to improve, but with time we are fully confident in his ability to become a solid OLB in this league.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM, Carolina Panthers

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  9. Gentlemen,

    The Panthers traded up in this round to grab the 2nd best tight end on our board, Jordan Cameron. We also had an inkling that the Dolphins would have selected him before us, and thus a trade would have to be done in order for us to grab him. Although raw and inexperienced, Cameron, put simply, is an athletic freak. A former basketball player, Jordan was a star at the combine finishing in third place for position in the 40 yard dash (4.59s), 3 Cone Drill (6.89s), and 20 yard shuttle (4.03s). His performance at the East-West Shrine game was also very impressive. Although unpolished, we fully expect Cameron to contribute to our team immediately, and learn from Jeremy Shockey in the process. He also has the ability to play on special teams, which is a huge bonus for us. With the success that Jimmy Graham (another former basketball player) had last year, the Panthers are very confident that Jordan can make an immediate impact. In the years to come, he will become an elite Tight End in this league, and as my Co-GM @dirtdogday said, “being Good Friday and all, it seems fitting for us to go with JC”.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM, Carolina Panthers

    • Dirt Dog Day says:

      Some people may have heard of Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez, who were both former basketball players as well. They’ve turned out to be pretty decent players at the NFL level.

      Jordan and Hankerson will be very good weapons to compliment the Panthers strong running game. We are really looking forward to seeing our young offense take the next step in competing for the NFC South Division title for years to come.

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  11. Gentlemen,

    Heading into our final four picks, the Panthers had only one need to address (DE). Brandon Bair was set to be our late 6th round pick, although looking at the big board, we noticed that Noel Devine,an explosive RB, was still there. In the likelihood that Mike Goodson leaves via free agency, we decided that adding a change of pace back would be important. Therefore, Devine was selected ahead of Bair. Although undersized, his big play potential and ability to catch the football could make Noel a lethal player in our game. His upside is simply too high to ignore.

    Bair ended up falling to us anyways, filling a need, and strengthening our rush defense. Although he played DT at Oregon, he is better suited to play DE in the pro-game. He still has much to improve, however along with Dareus, we expect him to grow and potentially become a starter on our team. He has the strength and athleticism to do so, and the fact that he played on a winning team in Oregon only made it easier for us to pull the trigger on this talented player.

    Our Last two picks were based on value. Looking at our big board, we noticed that one player, CB Josh Thomas out of Buffalo, was still there. Considering the lethal passing attacks that the NFC south has, selecting Thomas here seemed like a logical decision. We were actually quite pleased to see that he fell so far, as his skill set will serve him well in transitioning to the pro-game. With Johnny Patrick, we now have two talented CBs who will surely help our defense succeed next year.

    Our final pick was not predetermined. In fact, our original selection was to be Aldrick Robinson, although New Orleans pulled the trigger on him right before our selection. Craig Marshall was thus selected in his place, further strengthening our pass rush. Although a developmental player, his athleticism and tenacity were intriguing enough for us to take a chance on him. We look forward to seeing him progress in the coming year.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM Carolina Panthers

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