Arizona Cardinals

General Manager: @NFLDraftMonster
Assistant GM: @tmeltonscouting


1.5 (5) Blaine Gabbert, QB – Missouri
2.6 (37) Cameron Heyward, DE – Ohio State
3.5 (69) Greg Jones, LB – Michigan State
4.6 (103) Pernell McPhee, OLB/DE – Mississippi St.
5.05 (136) Josh Bynes, LB – Auburn
6.06 (171) Courtney Smith, WR – South Alabama
6.19 (184) Preston Dial, TE – Alabama
7.46 (249) Ray Dominguez, G – Arkansas




Shane P. Hallam: B-

Taking Blaine Gabbert at 5th overall is a huge need and is a very solid pick if you like him as a franchise QB. Cam Heyward is a great pick that doesn’t fill a need but is great value. Greg Jones fits well in Arizona’s system and could fairly productive and Pernell McPhee gives you versatility that could play either OLB or DE. Josh Bynes is another linebacker and I don’t know if you need 3 linebackers out of this draft. Courtney Smith and Preston Dial are not draftable prospects. Drafting Ray Dominguez finally addresses OL which is a huge need. If they could have done better in the late rounds it could have been a great draft.

(transcribed from audio)


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  2. With Peterson and Miller gone, and the QB need glaring in Arizona, we elected to take Gabbert. Our basic draft plan is to stick to our board, we’re not soliciting trade offers but will listen if trades are presented. Hope you all enjoy.

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