San Francisco 49ers

General Manager: @Tre9er
Assistant GM: @grantmp1


1.7 (7) Prince Amukamara, CB – Nebraska
2.12 (45) Colin Kaepernick, QB – Nevada
3.12 (76) Curtis Marsh, CB – Utah State
4.11 (108) Shane Vereen, RB – California
4.18 (115) Deunta Williams, S – UNC
4.20 (117) Steven Friday, DE/OLB – Virginia Tech
6.25 (190) Owen Marecic, FB – Stanford
7.18 (221) Jamie Harper, RB – Clemson
7.47 (250) Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, WR – Iowa


Traded #141, #174, and #211 to New York Giants for #117 and #221


Shane P. Hallam: B

Prince Amakumara who is a top ten pick who can develop can into a great number one corner which was a big need for them. Now Colin Kaepernick… I don’t know how he will fit into Harbaugh’s system, don’t know if his athleticism can be used and isn’t a day one starter so I’m kind of wary on that pick. Curtis Marsh in the third round is great value but I don’t know if they need another corner that earlier even though I think he can develop into a number two corner. For me I like the Marsh pick – like it don’t love it – I think they should have addressed the OLB position. Shane Vereen was the next pick which was OK value I don’t think they needed running backs or could have waited till a later round. Williams was the next pick which is a good pick a rotation safety who can develop into a starter some day. Friday was a bad pick for them they needed to establish the front 7 and he was a guy who could be drafted in the 6th or 7th round. Marecic fits system well. Harper was worth a late round flier.

(transcribed from audio)


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  7. Tre says:

    The 49ers value Prince Amukamara as the #2 CB on the board with a good deal of separation between he and the rest of the CB’s. They would have liked to trade down and hope Prince fell to say, 10th, but there were no reasonable trade offers or agreements.

    When the run on QB’s started, the prices were VERY steep to move from 45 back into the first round. The 49ers didn’t value the QB’s available high-enough to give up 2nd and 3rd round picks. We offered 2012 picks in conjunction with 2011 picks but were unable to secure a trade-up.

    We feel that Kaepernick will be a great starting QB in the future, despite the fact that he will have to work on some areas of his game. Colin has shown the determination, intelligence, and leadership to rise to the challenge and we feel that looking back it will prove to be a great selection.

    Curtis Marsh is a high-upside pick at CB who’s still developing at the position, although playing very well in college. We feel if Curtis continues to put in the time and effort necessary that he can easily become a starter on the outside.

    Shane Vereen was a great value in the 4th round. The 49ers are in need of a change of pace back, what Brian Westbrook – no longer under contract – was supposed to be in 2011. Vereen is quick to the edges, a great receiver, and has the ability to become a workhorse back in the future. He compliments Frank Gore’s hard-nosed running very well and gives us diversity on offense.

    Deunta Williams was once a first-round prospect until a leg injury cast doubt on his future. Getting a guy with Deunta’s savvy and experience in the 4th round is tremendous value. The 49ers may not have the services of Dashon Goldson and Taylor Mays is still developing. The depth behind Reggie Smith is rather thin, primarily special teams players, making this selection a good one for the future.

  8. Tre says:

    As the 4th round came, the 49ers found themselves in need of a pass rusher and potential replacement for Manny Lawson, who is not under contract. Steven Friday has upside to become that type of player and has shown a knack for getting after the QB. Great value in the 4th for a depth player who can become an impact player.

    Owen Marecic knows most of the 49ers new staff from the time they spent together at Stanford. This helps install the offense and we know what we’re getting from Owen. On top of that, he’s a good blocker and a savvy player at FB whom no doubt Tom Rathman will find ways to use.

    Jamie Harper was rated very highly on the 49ers board, though we didn’t intend to come away from this draft with two RB’s. Still, in the 7th round the value was simply too much to pass up. Harper has the upside to become an every-down RB in the NFL and with the low investment of a 7th round pick, this was a no-brainer. Frank Gore will soon be 30 and has an expiring contract. Anthony Dixon was taken in the 6th round in 2010 but had a slow start. Competition is the mantra of Jim Harbaugh at every position.

    Will Yeatman is a former Lacrosse all-American and intriguing prospect at OT/TE. He has good strength in the blocking game yet can pluck the ball away from his frame as a receiver. Harbaugh likes to use numerous TE’s in his offense and Yeatman was great depth/potential at this spot.

    Blaine Sumner is an athletic freak. He’s known by some as the strongest man in college football. He’s played the NT position at Colorado School of Mines and shows great anchor strength and ability to make plays off his frame. The 49ers may be without Aubrayo Franklin in 2011 so this pick was excellent depth.

    Derrell Johnson-Koulianos is the all-time leading receiver in University of Iowa football history. A drug-arrest plunged DJK’s stock where we found him with the 250th pick. Still he’s a smart route runner and measured very well in his pro-day. His production could not be ignored at this spot.

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