Seattle Seahawks

General Manager: @FieldGulls
Assistant GM: @robstaton
Assistant GM: @17power


1.15 (15) Ryan Mallett, QB – Arkansas
4.02 (99) Jurrell Casey, DT – USC
5.15 (146) Roy Helu, Jr., RB – Nebraska
5.25 (156) Keith Williams, OG – Nebraska
5.26 (157) Derek Newton, OT – Arkansas State
6.08 (173) Richard Sherman, S/CB – Stanford
7.06 (209) Cliff Matthews, DE – South Carolina
7.39 (242) DeAndre Brown, WR – Southern Miss.


Traded #25 and #57 to Miami for #15 and #146.


Shane P. Hallam: A-

I like all the picks and fits. They traded up to get Ryan Mallett which may not have been necessary but with the quarterback run that happened and if they really liked Mallett then moving up to get him was a smart move. Jurrell Casey in the 4th was a steal, perhaps the biggest steal of this draft. A very good impact paper that is a great fit in Seattle’s system. Should be a starter from Day 1. Roy Helu Jr out of Nebraska in the 5th. He can share the load with Marshawn Lynch and be effective. Keith Williams out of Nebraska in the 5th is a solid rotational player. Derek Newton out of Arkansas State was overdrafted but the fit is there. Richard Sherman out of Stanford is a big, physical player fits what Pete Carroll is trying to do as is Cliff Matthews out of South Carolina. He’s the pass rusher that they need. DeAndre Brown is worth a shot in the 7th.


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