The Law

1. Take this seriously.

We are looking for mock drafters who are more than just fans of their team, folks who know their teams inside and out and can emulate what their team might do come draft day. Be knowledgeable about your team needs and the incoming rookie class. We do not expect you to know every player, but be ready to study up. At the end of the day, though, this is a mock draft for fun, so please do not take this too seriously.

2. Trade intelligently.

If your draft allows trades, be smart about it. Use the draft pick value chart to gauge what you are doing, and again, try to emulate your team. Future draft picks are difficult to attach value to; when trading future draft picks, the average value of the round and divide by two. That should be a good starting point.

A Google spreadsheet will be created to track trades. Draftees will police themselves, so please keep track of any trades you make and make sure the spreadsheet is correct. This will avoid confusion and help the draft move along smoothly.

Note: compensatory picks are not tradable.

3. Be active and punctual.

All posts corresponding to Mock Three should include the #MockThree hashtag. Majority of the people who are following this draft are following through this hashtag and without the GM’s using it they will be lost. Each draft pick must be announced with the hashtag #Mock3Pick – this is to delineate between general #MockThree banter and clock announcements, and actual draft picks. It will make it much easier to sift through the list of recent picks. Please try to format your draft picks like the following:

With the ## pick in the #MockThree draft, the #XTeam selects XPlayer, XPosition, XSchool. #Mock3Pick #XNextTeam OTC.

We are looking for active tweeters, and our advice is to have direct messages be sent to your email addresses in case you are offline. The pick timers will be active between 8am-12 am local time, and will be as follows:

Pick Timer

  • Round 1: 3 hours
  • Round 2-5: 2 hours
  • Rounds 6-7: 1 hour

If the timer runs out on your pick, we will simply skip you until you return, like the NFL draft. The timers are mainly there to accommodate working hours, so please try to take as little time as possible. Try to negotiate trades ahead of time, and have your pick ready when your turn comes up. Both teams must announce they have agreed to a trade. Once a trade is made, the team holding the draft pick has 10 minutes to complete their pick until they are skipped. If you have a hardship, or you know that you will not be available when your turn is up, please DM the commissioner with your top 2-5 picks in order so that he can make a selection for you. Note: This should not be a problem with the War Room setup.

Note: if you consistently run over your timer, we will find another GM to take over your team. You have been warned.

Revision (Added 4/19 by Empulse): We have instituted a “Trade Timer” to keep folks from using their entire clock to attempt to seek out a trade.  The Trade Timer is one half of the round timer, and trades are ONLY allowed before this timer expires.  This timer will force teams to seek out a trade before they are on the clock, and still give them some time to finalize a deal once they are on the clock.

Trade Timer

  • Round 1: 1.5 hours
  • Round 2-5: 1 hours
  • Rounds 6-7: .5 hours

4. Have fun.

As seriously as we want to take this, have fun. Players you want will be taken ahead of you, perhaps even with a team jumping one pick in front to grab them. Shenanigans will not be tolerated; if you deliberately screw another GM, do anything out of spite, or make ridiculous picks, you will be replaced. We want to make this a fun experience for everyone. Relax, and enjoy.

Special War Room Rules

Mock Three will feature multiple General Managers for each team, creating a War Room for each team. There will be one General Manager and one or two Assistant General Managers, capping each team at three GMs. Ideally, every team will have three. The following are rules for the War Room edition:

1. Teamwork is mandatory.

The goal of the War Room is to have each team come to a consensus about their big board, draft picks, and trades. We want this to be a fun experience. Please communicate well and often with your fellow GMs, keep things clean, and have some fun.

A draft pick requires a majority vote if there is a disagreement. That is why each team should have three GMs. If you are overruled on a draft pick, please be civil about it.

2. Head GM powers.

The head GM has three additional responsibilities:

  • Recruit assistant GMs if they have not already been assigned to your team
  • Announce the draft pick – each team’s head GM will be given 30 minutes to announce their draft pick or a trade. After that, or if the head GM has given the reins to his assistants, the assistant GMs can announce their team’s current draft pick.
  • Last word on trades – if a trade is proposed, the head GM has the last word. There still must be a majority agreement on the trade, but if the head GM dissents the trade is off.

Again, please note the relatively little differences between head GMs and assistants. This is more of a democracy than a dictatorship.


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