Philadelphia Eagles

General Manager: @donovanhorn
Assistant GM: @eastcoastdog
Assistant GM: @PFF_MikeClay


1.23 (23) – Jimmy Smith, CB – Colorado
3.01 (65) – Clint Boling, OT/OG – Georgia
3.21 (85) – K. J. Wright, LB – Mississippi State
4.07 (104) – DeAndre McDaniel, S – Clemson
5.17 (148) – Derrick Locke, RB – Kentucky
6.18 (183) – Willie Smith, OT – East Carolina
7.34 (237) – Adrian Moten, OLB – Maryland
7.37 (240) – Josh Gatlin, CB/FS – North Dakota St.


Traded #54 and #120 overall to Carolina for #65 and their 2012 third round pick.
Traded #153 and #227 to Jacksonville for #148
Traded #149 to San Diego for #183 and their 2012 third round pick


Shane P. Hallam: C+

Don’t really like some of the deals they made they pick up two 2012 3rd round picks which is nice but not really the Eagles way. They got Jimmy Smith who is decent value and goes to a team where get can flourish, but I don’t like him and I don’t think he is a do-it-all corner, doesn’t play very physical. Clint Boiling is a tweener for me. Now the next few picks I do not like. First off, KJ Wright OLB from Miss St which was over drafted good fit in the system but not sure how he will fit in the pass rush, DeAndre McDaniels massively over valued wont be a starter on the next level maybe a rotational guy. Derrick Locke over drafted maybe a round or two too high. I do like the Willie Smith pick in the 6th round could be a developmental left tackle. Not too flashy of a draft for me.

(transcribed from audio)


7 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles

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  3. eaglesfan says:

    Great job getting robbed by Carolina

  4. N says:

    In exchange for moving back 11 spots, the Eagles got what is likely to be an early 3rd round pick in 2012 (the Panthers are not very good) for a late 4th rounder this year. Sounds to me like a win for Philly.

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  6. eaglesfan says:

    There may not be a draft in 2012. And most likely these future draft picks that get traded won’t be remembered next year. It just seems pointless.

  7. N says:

    2012 will have a draft. Let’s not be ridiculous.

    And, assuming there is one, you feel they should just totally forget about it and run this draft pretending there will never be another draft? I’m sure some teams did that, but it’s flawed and completely ruins the validity of the draft. That’s a silly comment.

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